Aesthetic Mirror Selfies – Let your selfies be outstanding

Aesthetic selfie pose

After trying out an outfit but you have no one to appreciate how good it looks on you, well you could take a great-looking mirror selfie and post it on your Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest to get your friends to comment.

If you are worried because every time you try out a mirror selfie it turns out wrong, good stick with us as we share our top trending aesthetic mirror selfies and poses to make your pictures stand out.


Standing at your mirror clueless of what to do next, well been there and I know how frustrating it is. I remember how I used to spend a lot of hours taking and deleting my selfies, looking for a great angle, and lighting at the mirror only to end up with a blurry or messed up picture at the end of the day.

It can get so annoying but if you knew what kind of mirror selfie outcome you want to replicate then that would ease up everything and get you snapping and posting without even filters.

Forget about the old and ordinary mirror selfies others take, with a great outfit your selfies have to stand out and bring out your personality.

How Do I Shoot Great Mirror Selfies

A couple of my friends always ask me “Does the pose matter in a mirror selfie?”, and always tell them yes of course. That’s because if I wanted to take a mirror selfie showing off my new heels or Fenty’s I would require a squatting pose to get a desirable look.

There are no set rules for taking great mirror selfies but just a few guidelines like:

  • Lighting

While snapping your mirror selfies you might want to make sure the lighting is right and the room is well lit. This is because most mirror selfies happen in the bathroom and bedrooms and the lightning is not perfect in such places.

If you have a lampshade you can move it around and adjust the shadows in the room or you can use the reflection of the mirror to your advantage by using the flash to create a lens flare.

  • The Right-angle is everything

I have seen friends play with this trick where you could tilt the mirror upwards and have your legs look elongated or making your body look slender by adjusting your phone downwards.

So getting a good angle can result in different beautiful mirror selfies.

  • Background obstruction

You might wanna clear out your background if their things you don’t want appearing on your selfies like a messy room or your lampshade or clothes.

Have clear and well lit backgrounds to make your mirror selfies look perfect.


Having a clear background is highly recommended because it will shift people’s focus on you and not your background.

Enough of the talk, lets get down and snap some great pics for your feed.

  • The Squatting Selfie

Just bought a pair of new white kitten heels and you wanna showcase it, the squat selfie pose is your way to go. It’s easy, simple, and brings out your whole frame, and is very helpful if you have a mirror that’s not tall enough.

It’s also great if you want to showcase how your outfit fits you from the side. Instagrammers refer to this pose as the “shoefie” and are widely used for showcasing new shoes and aesthetic looks.

  • No face No Case

Want to stir up some curiosity and excitement with your fans well try out this pose. It focuses the attention of your viewers on your outfit while covering your face getting them excited. Just hold up your phone and station your head directly parallel to your screen, hold your gaze and snap.

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  • The Flash Snap Pose

Want to create your own lens flare then turn on the phone flash. This pose is great and very useful if your room has bad lightning because it will draw your viewers away from the background.

I like to mix up this pose with the squatting selfie pose, it gives you that aesthetic outstanding look. You can try out want fits you and send us snaps.

  • The Mirror Frame

I find this different from other poses and it adds that unique feel to your photos. To replicate this pose get a mirror with a nice aesthetic frame and stand a bit behind and hold your camera to your face and snap.

  • Outside Mirror

Have a free-standing mirror and desire a beautiful outdoor selfie scenery, well just lift your mirror outside and try out a bit of pose.

You can tilt the mirror towards the sun to create beautiful aesthetic lens flare touches to your mirror selfies.

Standing over the mirror will give you that superhero and dramatic look for your selfies.

  • Seated Selfie Pose

Tired of your regular selfie pose, well grab a seat and sit next to your mirror and start snapping great selfies.

This pose is great if taken from the living room showcasing beautiful furniture in the background of the mirror selfie.

  • Rear view Mirror Selfie

For a bit of creativity and uniqueness, try out the rearview selfie in your next snaps. Great for telling your fans you’re taking a road trip or you’re on the highway.

Get to your car mirror and snap pretty simple right. This pose makes your images stand out since few people have tried it out. So hurry and start snapping.

  • Crazy Selfie Pose

Feeling like taking a great selfie while showcasing how crazy the day is well, stick out your tongue and loosen up with this selfie pose.

You have probably seen this pose with celebrities like “Cardi B”, which adds that no serious feel and fun touch to your mirror selfies.

  • StairCase Mirror Selfie

Add this aesthetic touch to your selfies by taking your selfies on the staircase. Move your mirror to the staircase and get on the ground next to the staircase.

Start snapping and share with your fans and followers.


Ordinary selfies are great but add a mirror and you get an outstanding aesthetic selfie to your gallery. There are many ways to take selfies but to me, mirror selfies stand, there is something great about how a shot of your reflection on the mirror spices things up.

After applying your eyeshadow and lipstick there is nothing better than taking a mirror selfie to showcase your looks and share with your friends.

If you agree with me leave your thoughts below and send us your before and after snaps.