Alternative Makeup Looks That Are Going Viral on TikTok

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Tik tok has been inspiring and bringing up new makeup trends from the rise of eGirl makeup to the latest alternative makeup.

Makeup artists on youtubers have jumped on the trend too with different tutorials on the style. Seems nobody wants to be left out. Want to get in on this frenzy too?

Well!! Hop on as we share our top alternative makeup looks and let you try some with a DIY tutorial.

But first, what’s Alternative girl makeup?

What’s Alternative Makeup?

Basically it’s a mix up of punk and indie makeup styles and really similar to the eGirl makeup style.

Consisting of dark and bold lipsticks with thick eyeliner, this trend has an edgy makeup look to it.

You may easily confuse between an eGirl makeup and alternative girl makeup but eGirls usually have a K-POP kind of style with tiny heart stickers or drawings below their lower lashes.

Let’s have a look at different alternative makeup looks.

Top 5 Alternative Makeup Looks

We took a deep dive into Tic tok and Instagram and came up with these 5 Inspiring looks. 

All seem beginner friendly and easy to master.


classic Alt look

A rather beautiful look to begin with, consisting of red eyeshadow( that’s right!! red) with a pretty wing on the eyeliner that seems oversized.

A nude lipstick usually goes perfect with this look. Having your hair dyed with a bright color like green really adds that last step missing aesthetic magic.


Instagram girl wearing white liner

Well if you’re pretty shy and timid this is your moment to find the courage with this look. Consisting of bold red lipstick to set the edgy appearance.

A heavy white eyeliner and a dark winged eyeshadow to give you that Bold look. Many tiktokers are embracing this alternative girl makeup look. Try it today.


Instagram Alt model

You can’t be an alt girl without ever trying on dark lipsticks. This look rocks it really well with the thick and bold eyeliner.

Matte lipsticks really go well with this look, mainly the dark purple shades.


Alternative makeup look

Embrace your inner Goth Girl with this eye-catching alternative makeup looks.It is either the dark tones or stunning gothic pale skin that always stands out and this look is no exception.

With a bit of eGirl hearts mixed with the classic goth hues and dark makeup, this look is like no other.

If you love adventuring and trying out something new in your makeup closet then give this a try and have fun.


Beautiful alt makeup

This one is all about bringing a more punk vibe to your alt girl makeup look. Creative eyeshadow and eyeliners to set that punk tone.

Looks crazy but that’s the definition of alt makeup after all. Keep it simple and edgy at the same time.

DIY Alternative Girl Makeup Tutorial

We decided to pick up a simple and easy tutorial from Youtuber @lanayasmine .She simplifies the whole process rather quickly and her alt makeup is amazing.

You can watch the full video tutorial over on her youtube channel.

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What you will need

  • Morphe M165 Brush
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow(dark brown shade)
  • Maybelline Fitme Foundation(115)
  • MAC 239 Brush
  • Maybelline Fitme Concealer
  • Tardis Pro Palette
  • Airspun Setting Powder
  • Elf angled Eye brush

Lets Begin



Fill in your brows with the Anastasia Dipbrow nicely making sure you keep it light and perfect. This will set a great base for your alternative makeup looks.

After setting the base apply the Maybelline foundation carving out the bottom of your brows.(Use a fluffy brush or the MAC Brush if you own one)

Go ahead and apply foundation on your face.(Nothing different just your daily prep up your skin with primer and foundation)

Highlight your skin with Maybelline Fitme Concealer and apply contour after that. Blend all beautifully into your skin for a perfect alternative girl makeup look.



Using the Tardis Pro Palette (shade Profresh) apply it on top of your contour . It’s light gray so use a little bit of the product.

Apply the Airspun Setting Powder with a beauty blender and apply it along your jawline and the apples of your cheeks making sure to fill the places the contour may have left out.

Wipe off the powder with a large fluffy brush to avoid getting a baking effect. This will maintain the look and lighten up your face.

Blend it nicely into your skin, you don’t want to have uneven tones so workout it perfectly so the overall look is a beautiful aesthetic alternative girl makeup.

Use a setting spray to add a matte finish and also to prevent your makeup from smudging off easily and fading.

This will also increase the lifespan of your makeup saving you from reapplying the makeup each and every time.



Go with a black eyeshadow and quickly go over your brows giving them a nice dark look.

Create a wing on the outer edges of your eyes with a black eyeliner. Keep the winged eyeliner to a medium size.(Not to small or Big)

Apply a bit of white liner on the tip of your nose and put on your lashes.

Use a pencil liner to do your lower lash line and for the inner corner of your eyes go with a black pencil liner and keep it simple.



For the lips you will need to go with a dark and bold shade to bring out the alternative girl makeup look.

The morphe lip crown( shade TT oven) works well for this because of its bold look.Apply it and add a bit of eyeshadow in the middle of your lips.

For the final step apply a highlighter along your brows and on the tip of your nose and throw in some mascara to nail these aesthetic alternative makeup looks.

Final Thoughts

The alternative girl makeup trend is still new and fresh so get your social media buzzling with snaps of these trendy looks.

First, we had K-POP then the anime inspired eGirl looks and now Alternative makeup looks.Makeup trends just keep on dropping day in day out.

Tiktok has greatly impacted the makeup industry through inspiring creativity of new and eye-catching makeup styles. 

Share with us your favorite alternative looks and your thoughts about this makeup trend below. Leave your feedback and comments down below.