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A face concealer or color corrector is a must-have for many women out there, from masking age spots, blemishes, and scars to concealing natural imperfections.

When applied perfectly, it will leave you with a flawless skin tone.

The perfect magic portion for your makeup collection.


There are many different types of concealers with serving different purposes. Concealers are categorized in main colors and their purpose.


The Green Concealer is purposely for concealing(covering) pimples, redness, and acne scars. It is also perfect for people with rosacea as it helps to conceal unwanted redness from this condition. Our top pics of Green Concealers are:

  1. Sephora Bright Color Corrector
  2. LA Girl HD Conceal High Definition Concealer
  3. NYX Concealer Jar

If you have dark bruises and purple blemishes then the yellow concealer comes in handy. It’s also effective for concealing under-eye circles. Our top pics are:

  1. PAC Take Cover Concealer
  2. L.A Girl  Pro Conceal HD
  3. KAY beauty color corrector

This is ideal for brightening skins will dull complexion and combatting yellow undertones. Our top Pics:

  1. Golden Rose color corrector
  2. L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD Lavender Corrector
  3. Graftobian HD creme color corrector



This is similar to the purple and yellow concealers since it’s a mixture of the two. It’s ideal for brightening the skin and combatting under-eye circles.

  1. L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD Pink corrector
  2. Maybelline New York Master Camo color correcting pens
  3. Hanskin Rosy Blemish Cover

Orange is best for dull skin tones and shouldn’t be used by people with light skin tones. It conceals uneven skin tones. Our top picks are:

  1. L.A Girl Pro Conceal Set Orange
  2. Dragun Beauty Orange Corrector


Magic portions always have their own risks and a face concealer is no exception. Too much of it and you will have cracks on your skin and a cakey look while applying the wrong shade will leave you with a messy face.

But we can all agree that a concealer helps in a lot of ways with the right application, few women know how to apply it, so it becomes useless owning something you cant apply rightly.

So let’s take advantage and learn to apply it rightly.


With a concealer, you can get a fresh and flawless look in minutes and hide all those annoying dark circles and blemishes on your skin.

Our steps below will help you.

  • Use your fingers and apply eye cream to your face lightly and let it absorb completely.
  • Apply small portions of primer around the eyelids

Use an orange color corrector if you have drastic dark circles

  • Get your concealer and place a bit around your eyes and the eye corners
  • Lightly massage the concealer with your fingertips or a brush till it absorbs thoroughly

Do not Rub or else you will Ruin your look



  1. Makeup brush
  2. Foundation
  3. Concealer

It is so frustrating when the areas around your mouth seem darker than the rest, well there is nothing a face concealer can’t fix. Effectively applying the concealer will get you that even complexion and tone.

  • After your foundation, get your concealer and apply a light shade around your lips
  • To make your lips pop, apply it close to your lips

Apply concealer on lips if your lipstick fades quickly. This will give you smooth-looking lips.


What You will need

  1. Brow pencil or powder
  2. Liquid concealer
  3. Flat tip brush

Have you seen many models having perfectly shaped brows, well all they use is a little bit of concealer to do the trick? Follow the steps and learn this little secret and rock your brows.

  • Get your favorite brow pencil or powder and fill your brows perfectly. View in the mirror and see if you have your desired look.
  • Apply liquid concealer around with a flat tip brush in a smooth line.
  • Blend it towards your eyelids

To get a defined look, use the concealer to define an arch around your eyebrows


What you will need

  1. Green concealer
  2. Clean brush
  3. High coverage concealer
  4. Translucent powder

Pimples are so discomforting to have on your face, they ruin your beautiful look. Pimple redness gives your face an uneven tone and complexion but with a conceal you can pretty much conceal the pimples and get a perfect flawless skin tone.

Follow the steps below.

  • We shall use a green concealer for the pimple’s redness( Apply with a clean brush)
  • Use a high coverage concealer to camouflage the pimple( Use a cotton swab and cover the area around the pimple)
  • Apply translucent powder and blend it with your skin


  • If you have dark circles use a stick concealer
  • Use a shade that is lighter than the foundation you have
  • A hydrating cream should be used before applying the concealer
  • Apply foundation first before applying concealer


  • Don’t use different concealers around your face
  • Don’t use a concealer as an eye shadow primer
  • Don’t apply concealer before hydrating cream
  • Don’t apply concealer before foundation
  • Which comes first, Concealer or foundation?

This depends on where you are applying the concealer or foundation. Different people have different techniques but makeup artists agree that a concealer comes first when applying an area on the face that has dark spots or blemishes and a foundation comes first on the remaining areas of the face.

  • How do I prep my skin before makeup?

Prepping your skin is essential if you want a flawless makeup look. You can cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin to prep it followed by applying a primer to get a perfect and elegant look.


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  • I am so amazed at the skin tone of so many women, it is just amazing how the different types of color tones can have a female's skin looking so radiant. Thanks so much for sharing and I am sure that what you have written will be an inspiration to a lot of women. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I enjoyed reading your interesting article "Best Face Concealer - Perfect Your Skin Tone". I was particularly interested to learn when to use concealer under your foundation and when to use it the other way around. I am currently suffering from the dreaded dark age spots on my face. So should I use concealer in the same way as for dark circles under the eyes? I appreciate your advice.

  • I loooooove skin products, and I think you have found us a good one. I always use concealer first and then foundation. believe me, it works really well. 

    I wonder what other products are available in this brand? I sure would like to order some. 

    Thanks for the write up. It's got loads of great information. 



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