What Is Primer Makeup – Simple Tips To Moisturize for Healthy Skin

primer makeup

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Want to moisturize your skin and get a healthy skin surface well a face primer is your go-to product.

If you haven’t used a primer before you would mistake it for an expensive moisturizer, with many purposes you should surely have one in your makeup collection.

Let’s dive in and see if you really need it then.


Before applying makeup, your skin has to be moisturized and cleansed that’s where a primer comes in handy to optimize your skin surface before you apply foundation.

A primer will smoothen the skin for people with large pores and moisturizer dry skin for a glow effect. To prevent dots forming on your skin after applying foundation add a bit of primer and your skin will glow.

Everyone knows the frustration you go through at a party where your makeup starts to slip off half in the middle of a party and I know you are no exception but with a bit of primer your makeup will last longer.

Primers can be used on the face, eyes, lashes, and lips too so choosing the right one depends on your beauty ambitions, goals, and what your focus is.


If this is your first time using a primer you will literally see the difference it can make on your skin and makeup.

If you’re facing the following then you should hit up a beauty shop and get yourself a primer:

  • Makeup slipping of sooner than later
  • Dry and flaky skin making applying foundation difficult
  • Oily skin
  • Pores developing on your skin

Primers are great for anti-aging as they make your skin look young, flawless smoothen aging lines and wrinkles on your skin.

If your skin is oily and can’t hold your foundation and it’s always melting then using a primer will help you seal the pores on your skin and prevent any further production of oil while holding your foundation to place.

From fixing your skin to mattifying it and hydrating your skin, why would someone not have this in their handbag?


There are a lot of primers for every skin tone out there if you are worried about finding the right one well you shouldn’t be.

  • Illuminating Primers

 These contain glowy and glimmering substances to give your skin tone a radiance look. If you like having glowy skin then illuminating primers are your go-to product.

  • Mattifying Primers

Oily skin is a blessing but at times it can ruin your makeup looks so using a mattifying primer will help control the sebum and seal of your skin pores reducing oil production giving you perfect and healthy skin.

  • Color-correcting Primers

Having discolorations and shallow can get frustrating but with a color-correcting primer you could do away with these red and ashen discolorations.

  • Hydrating Primers

Dehydrated skin is not ideal for makeup so using a hydrating primer could moisturize your skin and improve its overall quality.


Using a face primer is really simple and you can easily get the desired look you crave.

  • STEP 1

Start by applying moisturizer to your skin and let it dry off or you can apply sunscreen before the primer. We shall then apply a light layer of primer starting from the center of the face using your fingers. Select a primer that compliments your foundation, after let it dry for a couple of minutes.

Use a brush or your fingers to target the right applications though I prefer my fingers because you can easily tell the quantity of the primer you are applying. 

  • STEP 2

Gently massage and rub the primer in covering all areas of the face. To apply primer on the lashes, curl them and apply to the base tips gently doing one eye at a time.

This will give your lashes a lush and beautiful look. Once the primer absorbs then you can apply your foundation. 

Use a silicone-based foundation with a similar primer so that the primer complements the foundation.

Don’t mess up your primer by applying too much as this will cause the layers to cancel out leaving you with a lot of the product on your face.


Using a primer for your makeup is literally up to you, so if you feel that after applying primer nothing changes and your looks are still the same then you can decide to leave it.

But this can only imply that you haven’t found the right primer for your skin tone. Our top editors pick primers are below, try any that works for you and ditch the rest. 

  • Tacha the silk Canvas Protective Primer. Ideal for softening skin and blurring pores
  • Elf Cosmetics Hydrating Face Primer. Helps your makeup to last longer and provides a smoothness to your skin.
  • Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance. Clears your pores and doesn’t leave oily skin greasy
  • Fenty Beauty Pro Retouch Primer. Minimizes pores and mattifies the skin for an elegant healthy look.

The usefulness of a makeup primer really depends on what look you want to achieve and it’s about your preference too.

If skincare products provide you with hydrated and glowing skin then that can be enough for you and a primer can stay out of your handbag but if you have issues with oily skin and redness then you need a primer.

Makeup primers may be useful for some and not for others—it’s all about preference. If you can get your face hydrated, glowing, and protected from the sun with skincare products, that may be enough for you, in which case primers may not be necessary.

If you have issues like oiliness, enlarged pores, or redness, primers can help enhance your look.


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  • I will have to show my wife this post since uses primer though I'm not sure what kind. Do any of these primers offer any protection from the sun or work with sunscreen like supergoop? My wife works with skin cancer patients and she is very attuned to what she herself uses every day. Thanks again for the post.

    • Your wife will surely be happy. SPF is in most makeup products nowadays so you won't worry about sun protection.

  • Thanks so much for sharing a great article to learn more about the best makeup primer smoother your skin. Getting a makeup well done is not easy and as you well describe in your article, if is not done good, your skin might be showing some of the imperfections later, and nobody wants that, little I knew about there is a primer to help us to get our makeup right! I will give it a try!

    • A makeup primer is among my best makeup products because of how it can heal your skin and get you the effect you want.

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