Eyeshadow Looks Easy Steps – Your one and only eye guide

Have you ever been to a party or any occasion and notice how your eyes and lips are the first centers of attention when you try engaging with people.

Well, the eyes hold a lot of information about your personality and character so that first impression always counts to how the communication will go.

There are many simple and easy ways to enhance your eyes from eyeliners to creams but the eyeshadow stands out from my viewpoint because of how much beauty they can add to your eyes.

Eyeshadows are not only convenient for your eyes but also and charm to your overall looks.

Ever find yourself wondering how to perfect your eyeshadow, well look no further, I have compiled my easy simple and outstanding eyeshadow looks to make your eyes stand out and a simple beginner guide.


“The eyes are the window to your soul,” you have probably heard this a couple of times and wondered how that is possible. Well, it’s possible with a bit of eyeshadow here and there.

Check out our beginner-friendly step-by-step eyeshadow techniques.

Adding a bit of concealer will let your eyes color pop and let the eyeshadow last the whole day. Blend in the concealer nicely around your eyelids.


Gently apply a bit of eyeshadow to your eyelids with a brush and blend it beautifully till none of the product is standing out.

On the outer corners of your eyelids apply a deeper shade and blend it perfectly while on the center of your eyelids apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow, this will give your eyes that color pop effect and look.


For a beautiful finish apply mascara and an eyeliner starting with the eyeliner across your lower lash and upper lash respectively. Apply the mascara to the finish lightly for a beautiful fluffy effect.


Whether you’re a beginner or professional you have those eyeshadow looks you always want to pull off perfectly at the mirror but come off short.

Let me share with you my top eyeshadow looks that are beginner-friendly and easy to get on your first try.


This is perfect for a beginner because of how simple it is and adds a nice pop of color to your eyes which is truly attractive and outstanding.

What you will need.

  • Shimmery Purple eye shadow shade
  • Shimmery Silver eye shadow shade
  • Purple eyeliner

Okay, that’s all, Let’s get to it.

  • Step one

Apply concealer or foundation around your eyes but I prefer primer for this because of its simplicity and effectiveness in pulling out the look. Let it dry before proceeding any further to make it easier to blend later on.

  • Step Two

Apply the warm eye shadow onto the eyes and its edges extending a bit upwards to an angle pointing towards your brows. Blend it upwards smoothly and letting the color fade without any hard lines visible.

  • Step Three

Brush off some of the purple eyeshadow across your eyelids carefully not to ruin the look. At the extreme outer end of your eyelids apply the silver shade forming a “V” shape using a pencil eyeshadow brush.

Blend in perfect circular motions and remove off any excess product left for a nice clean look.

  • Step Four

Not forgetting the lower lash line, use the silver shade here with a highly recommended pencil or other small brush. Then apply the purple eyeliner along with the upper areas of your eyelid.

Finish your beautiful look with some mascara.



I love this cat-like look and I know most women love feline-like eyes.

What you will need

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  1. Metallic Eye shadow shade
  2. Mint Green Eyeliner
  3. Light Shimmer Eye shadow
  • Step One

As the look before you start by applying primer or concealer and foundation but it depends on your preference and if you readily have the product available.

Make sure to blend them perfectly and let them dry before proceeding.

  • Step Two

Start out with the metallic shadow and gently apply it lightly on the upper lids and use a pencil brush to apply the shimmer shade to the lower eyelash area.

  • Step three

Now for this tricky part apply the mint green liner to form the outer edge moving it inwards. Fill in the edges of your eyelids smoothly with the green.

  • Step Four

Blend everything beautifully and correct any missing areas you may have missed. For the finish add a bit of mascara and you’re all set.


Applying eye shadow can get really easy when you master a few looks and perfect them but choosing the right eye shadow to use is a different matter with all these brands out there.

It can get hectic so we decided to put together a few eye shadow products that you may or may not have.



This is one is a fan favorite loved by many for its unique beauty addition to your eyes. I always tend to find this palette always in my handbag regardless of the occasion.


  • Versatile colors
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Suitable for any skin type


  • Doesn’t come with a brush

PRICE – $32



I couldn’t miss this one of course with all the pale peach and shimmering color variations your makeup collection deserves this.


  • Unique Pigment Infusion System
  • Long-lasting
  • Variety of colors and has a mini version if you want less


  • The shimmers feel a bit dry

PRICE – $29                                                      



Adding a cool theme eye shadow palette to your collection is just as good as it sounds. Offering colors from pale pink to deep plum, try it and you won’t look back.


  • Variety of Mattes and shimmer shadows to try out
  • Nicely pigmented colors


  • Didn’t find any unless you don’t like cool colors

PRICE – $29


It’s so fascinating how applying eyeshadow can add a very beautiful and elegant instant look to your eyes and overall looks. There many eyeshadow products in the market and am looking forward to doing reviews for you cuties.

Am open to discussions and you can share your eyeshadow looks and any thoughts in the comments section and let us know your favorites.