Face Yoga Method Before and After – Amazing and Instant Looks

Toning your facial muscles for a youthful and radiant beauty look with face yoga should be top of your priority list.

With the never ending benefits surely it’s hard to skip this simple beauty routine.

The face yoga method before and after pics circulating the  web show promise and if you haven’t gotten on this bandwagon trend then you are missing out.

What is Face Yoga?

It’s basically steps taken to tone facial muscles with the intent of tightening the skin and giving it a youthful look.

The method sounds pretty simple but it is really effective if put in your daily face care routine.

This doesn’t happen overnight as some people assume, you have to put a bit of effort of about 30 seconds for each session.

facae yoga tutorial
Woman doing face yoga

From face yoga for slim face to face yoga method for the  neck, the exercise literally aims at improving all features on your face.

Does Face Yoga Work?

If you’re in a rush and just try out for one or two days and expect dramatic changes then, sis, it won’t work for you?

Like all skin care and makeup routines, don’t expect to try out once or twice and everything fits out.

As a makeup lover, when you try out a new eyeshadow look or concealer hack , regular trials are how you perfect the method.

With many face yoga method before and after testimonies circulating, there is no doubt that the technique actually works.

 As Fumiko Takatsu, face yoga instructor states, “Having daily facial sessions is what leads to improvements”

So for the question, “Does face yoga really work?”, the answer is  Yes and you can have a look at the face yoga before and after pics of different users.

Face Yoga Benefits

The main reason one would opt in to try out face yoga is its ability to tighten your skin muscles and improve your overall look.

The technique stimulates blood flow in your facial muscles  which reduces the formation of wrinkles along your skin keeping it healthy.

Studies have shown that daily sessions of yoga facelift exercises can have dramatic improvements on skin aging.

Other benefits Include;

  • Releases Facial Tension

Have you ever felt like your face and neck muscles are feeling heavy and saggy? All that stress and tension is unhealthy.

With daily exercises you will be able to relieve all the tension and stress along your face and neck muscles.

This will give you a relaxed and enhanced beauty look.

  • Widen-Opened Eyes

The face yoga sessions relax your lower and upper eyelids giving them more flexibility.This removes all tension therefore widening and brightening your eyes.

And Yes face yoga for eyes really works.

  • Reduces Double chins

I am sure you don’t love having a double chin. It’s totally unpleasant and getting rid of it with daily yoga exercises to your chin.

Your chin will get aligned rightly and your appearance will improve.

  • Increases Oxygen levels to the face

As the circulation of blood to the face improves, oxygen levels increase to your face which brightens your overall look.

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This improves your skin tone. This is noticed by many face yoga reviews of people reporting improved facial appearances.

  • Slows Down Aging

No one loves having wrinkles and a saggy skin.You may have heard the expression that smiling helps to reduce aging and keeps you young.

Well, smiling actually increases wrinkle formation overtime. This may not be ideal but we cannot do away with smiling since it’s a natural habit.

You might be asking yourself, “ Does face yoga cause wrinkles?”

With face yoga exercises you can actually slow down the aging process and reduce wrinkle formation through encouraging proper blood flow within your facial muscles.

Preferable way of maintaining skin health other than anti-aging creams and plastic surgery.

  • Improves Self Confidence

With great appearance comes improved self confidence and esteem.We all want to look good and feel good.

If you feel good about yourself then your whole life dramatically improves and before you know it everyone desires to be like you.

Many individuals have shared their face yoga method before and after pictures and you will notice how their overall facial looks have changed.

  • Wider lips

Daily usage of the face yoga method book, guarantees improvements of the lips by uplifting the corners of your lips.

This gives you a nice look and also eases your ability to speak.

  • Cheaper than any product

DIY exercises are cheaper than any skin care cream or plastic surgery.

You will need professional doctors for a plastic surgery but require only a tutorial to carry out face yoga exercises.

With the increase and awareness of natural skincare routines, creams and chemical based products are losing steam.

So trying out a natural routine should be at the top of your lists.

Face Yoga Method Before and After Pics

You’re probably asking yourself “What effect will this routine have on my skin?”. Check out these before and after looks and determine if these are the changes you want.

Face yoga lifts the jawline and can relax your facial muscles and bring down the tension giving you a glamorous look.

Benefits such as tightening the facial muscles and improving your tone can be achieved with daily yoga sessions and exercises.

Facial wrinkles begin to shrink and the forehead gets a relaxed look which is both refreshing and healthy to the skin.

There are plenty of face yoga method before and after shots and you can take yours too after applying the technique and send us your snaps too.


With recommendations from many experts and plenty of face yoga method reviews worldwide, this is a technique you don’t want to miss.

People are basically getting tired of applying chemicals on to their skins regularly for effects that can be replicated naturally.

With about thirty minutes a day exercises the benefits are greater than walking down to the mall for an anti-aging cream that may even damage your skin.

So I would suggest giving it a try and dropping us your experience and questions on the use of face yoga.