How to pull out eGirl Makeup looks? Way 2 Easy

eGirl makeup

With all the makeup trends coming up from Asian Baby Girls to VSCO GIRLS makeup looks, social media is getting crazy. 

Just before all the hype cools down, eGirl makeup looks drop and everyone is trying to ride this bandwagon of edgy makeup looks.

From Instagram to Tik tok, influencers are flaunting these looks to their followers.

If you haven’t heard about it or even tried it out yet, well let’s get you pumped up with this trendy look.

What eGirl Makeup Is!

Originating from girl fans of  anime and gaming, eGirl makeup primarily consists of bold looks from cat winged eyeliners to catchy eye makeup.

Emerging from anime fans, this beauty look is mostly portrayed in anime shows and movies.

With a taste of K-Pop and punk vibes, this smokey look is  definitely eye-catching and isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Wanna try out the look?

Replicating a kind of cartoonish character style with bold makeup looks won’t be that friendly if you have never tried out bold makeup styles.

But with all this stay at home time you surely should try out this new beauty trend and let your snaps fill your Instagram gallery.

Let’s  find out how to do an eGirl  makeup look.

How to Recreate the eGirl Makeup Look

Forget cool makeup colors, eGirls are all about BOLD colors that make a punk vibe statement and give your selfies a signature look.


As any other makeup routine, always start with a primer so as your eGirl makeup look can last long and all day without reapplication.

Applying a light weight foundation next is advisable so you don’t end up with a cakey look undermining all your efforts.

For a more seamless foundation look check out our foundation guide.

You don’t want dark spots and any scars ruining your look so apply a concealer to mask/hide these spots and blemishes.

Don’t forget your eyelids, keep them primed as well. If you don’t have a primer, a concealer can get the work done too.


The most noticeable look on eGirls is having colored noses. With a bit of blush, center the focus to your face.

Apply blush onto your cheeks and pop a bit onto the tip of your nose for that signature look.

A touch of highlighter will add that glow to your cheeks and the tip of your nose.


There are two sides to this catchy makeup look. Those of us that desire soft eGirl looks and those that want to go all out punk.

Going out all punk you will need bold colors with intense and bright eyeshadows to pull out the look. From green and blue shades for your eyelids.

For soft eGirl makeup  looks go with coral or pink color shades .Blend beautiful with a fluffy brush to get peachy lids.

Add some mascara to the look to keep your brows looking elegant.

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This is probably the most crucial section of pulling out the look. You can’t have eGirl makeup look without winged eyeliners.

Use a black eyeliner to create thick and bold wings across your lids. Keep it flawless and try to make the wings big.

Add a bit of cute hearts just below your lash lines to add a smokey look. You can experiment with stars and other shapes too.

Afraid your drawing will ruin the look, well don’t worry. Adding tiny heart stickers and stamps will do the job too.


For your lips you can go with peach lipsticks for the soft eGirl look or red bright lipstick for a more punk based eGirl look.

Swipe on a bit of gloss onto your lips to add that bit of fun. 

You can go extra by applying tinted lip balm.

Finally get out your phone and take some mirror selfies and fill your social media galleries. SNAP SNAP!!

Top eGirl Makeup Looks

If you have gone through the steps with less success. Check out our top pick eGirl makeup looks that will help on perfecting the trendy look.


The eyes are the signature look of eGirls so aim for bold color shades that are eye-catching. Gives your eyes a smoky feel and vibe.

Paint your lids with pink and coral shades. Throw in some mascara onto your brows to keep them looking elegant.

You can toss in a bit of glitter across your eyes for that extra look. It ain’t eGirl if your makeup ain’t a step further.


This is all about creativity from stickers to heart drawings. You can also add heart stamps from different shapes and sizes.

Some go way forward by adding some emojis. Looks really cute though!

Creativity brings out the perfect look. So own your look and play around with different shapes and find what works for you.

Always aim for that cartoon-ish or anime like look since eGirl is basically portraying digital characters.


Applying that blush on the apples of your cheeks and the tip of your nose is an eGirl favorite makeup look.

Keep the blush bold to match the eyes.

That bit of blush on the tip of the nose is aimed at adding a pop of color to the overall look and adding that bit of edginess.


Whether you go with a nude lipstick or a blood red lipstick, the aim is to add an aesthetic look and feel to the overall makeup style.

Enhance the color of your lips with some tinted lip balm.

Put some fun on your lips with some lip gloss. Keep it to a minimum.


eGirl makeup looks are really catchy and trying them out will keep your instagram gallery fresh and new. For tik tokers it will add a great and fun vibe to your videos.

You don’t need extra shopping for this look, your old blush and eyeshadow will still do. Drop us your favorite eGirl makeup looks and thoughts below.