Is Carmex Good for your lips?

appying carmex lip balm

With all the mysteries circulating around Carmex lip balms, I decided to have my review of the product so we can clear this.

People are often asking themselves whether Carmex is good for their lips or whether it’s safe well let’s stick around and find out.

Then we have the famous theory that Carmex is made from very tiny cut glass or shards of glass in their lip balms.


If you don’t know what Carmex is, well it’s a lip balm produced by Carma Inc. and they are normally packed in sticks, jars, and squeezable containers. I am not that big fan of Carmex lip balms because I tend to feel tingly after using them and that’s a big red flag for me in any product.

Carmex is available in strawberry, cherry, and other flavors which is really great because it widens your preference for the product.

Okay, enough of that let’s get to the reason you are reading this post. 


You have probably seen such descriptions of Carmex lip balms “It soothes your lips”, “moisturizes your lips”, and relieves your lips, well this is no theory but a reality.

The formula used in the production of Carmex products contains purified high-grade ingredients that relieve and moisturize your lips and give you that soothing feel.

Carmex lip balms contain SPF meaning they provide protection against sunburn.

In recent years there have been concerns of sunburn that’s why literally many products contain SPF so using Carmex lip balms is practically safe and will protect you from that summer heat and sunburns.

I remember back in 2017 when I had no idea of SPF products I always had to visit the medic because of how my lips were so sensitive to the sun and I easily got blisters on my lips from sunburns.

So I would highly recommend any of you to purchase products that contain SPF whether it’s Carmex or any other lip balms.

As I mentioned earlier, I ain’t a fan of Carmex lip balms but I have a few pros of using the products. 

  • Really good at moisturizing the lips

I think this was my best experience with using Carmex lip balms, they keep your lips moisturized pretty well. Using Carmex lip balms you won’t really need to apply a moisturizer because you won’t need it.

  • Effects are seen in a couple of days

If your lips are damaged in a few days of using Carmex you will become to notice drastic improvements.

  • Easy to move with and pocket-friendly

These lip balms can fit anywhere comfortably so if you’re traveling or having a girl’s night out, it’s really easy to pack a Carmex lip balm without any difficulties.

  • Gives your lips a nice soothing effect

Some people hate having soothing lips but I highly love them so to me it’s a good thing. After all, it depends on preference, so if you hate soothing lips then it’s gonna be a con to you for using Carmex lip balms.

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Well, that’s all I loved about using Carmex lip balms, you can always share your thoughts and reviews of the product in the comments section.

Well, let’s move to the cons of using Carmex lip balms, and just to be clear these are from my personal experiences with the products and can differ from others. 

  • Tingly feel after using the Carmex Lip balms .

I hate this feeling around my lips so it’s a con for me. I did a bit of research and found out this was caused by menthol and camphor, ingredients in Carmex lip balms, and a friend told me the tingly feeling is not permanent and leaves after frequent use of the product.

So you can give it a try and leave me your suggestion in the comments section.

  • Feels a little heavy on the lips – This is a no for me, I prefer having lip balms that are light so you feel comfortable with whatever you’re doing.
  • Reduces staying power of lipsticks – When you tend to apply other lipsticks with Carmex they will drastically lose their staying power on your lips.
  • Vaseline-like – This one is based on preference but if you love using vaseline-like lip balms then there is no need to worry.

Whether Carmex lip balms are great for you, I would say yes because I have few and not serious cons of the product but also it depends on your preference and what you like on your lips so I would say give them a try and if it doesn’t work for you, then ditch them. 


I had a few friends put up their top picks and we scaled them to 5, so have a look at our top 5 Carmex Lip balms.

Carmex Ultra Moisturizing Pomegranate Lip Balm

  • Hydrates and moisturizes your lips and contains SPF so your lips are protected against sunburn.
  • Repairs dry lips while lightening and brightening your lips.
  • Comes in pomegranate flavors

Carmex Lip Conditioner Orange Flavor

  • Creamy and non-greasy moisturizer for the lips
  • Moistens the lips all day long
  • Comes in Orange flavors

Carmex Moisture Plus Pink Sheer Tinted Lip Balm

  • Keeps your lips soft and subtle
  • Nourishes and repairs damaged lips
  • Combats excess wrinkles forming on the lips
  • Contains SPF and comes in Aloe vera flavors

 Carmex Ultra Moisturizing Lime Twist Lip Balm

  • Lightens dark patches the form around the lips
  • Great anti-oxidant
  • Comes in Lime flavors

Carmex Moisture Plus Peach Sheer Tinted Lip Balm

  • Protects and relieves damaged lips from sunburn
  • Gives your lips a shiny and glossy finish
  • Comes in peach flavors


  • Is Carmex made of cut glass?

I thought so back in college but after a couple of research and consulting, I was proved wrong.

Carmex is not made of cut glass at least that’s what the company says and their ingredients lineup doesn’t have this. So that’s just an internet conspiracy and a myth.

  • Does Carmex Contain formaldehyde?

This one creeped me out, if you don’t know what formaldehyde is, well it’s a substance used to preserve dead bodies.

Carmex doesn’t contain this and I don’t know who started this theory but it’s wrong and misguiding to people. No business would use such an ingredient to make products in the first place and be approved for use.

  • Does Carmex dry out Lips faster?

This is untrue too and Carmex doesn’t dry your lips faster. I think this is thought because it contains petroleum which people think causes lips to dry but in reality, petroleum is a good moisturizer for your lips.