Naked Honey Looks to Try Out for Aesthetic Looks

Warm toned eyeshadow palettes are the perfect fall must haves and if you haven’t tried any yet then you’re missing out a lot.

Urban Decay’s naked honey eyeshadow palettes with it’s eye-catching neutral and shimmering colors stand out from the rest. 

Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette

With a taste of 12 golden neutrals that are perfect looking for any skin tone. Have a look at the eyeshadow palette review and naked honey looks to go with the palette.

Naked Honey Palette Review

This is a popular palette chosen by many mainly because of it’s neutral colors that are friendly to any skin tone.

Containing classic golds, chocolate browns and warm ambers this palette spells out FALL. Reminds me of the change in trees. 

With the variety of shades that come with this there are plenty of urban decay naked honey looks available for you to try out.

Best of all, the palette comes packed with double ended eyeshadow brush which literally makes application easy.

I don’t know about you but a free eyeshadow brush opens up limitless eyeshadow looks you can mess around and play with.

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The Outstanding features of this palette are:


The palette makes everyday use easy and simple. The  mattes are perfect and take a few seconds for you to lay down the base for your eyeshadow looks..

The free double ended eyeshadow brush simplifies it farther.

You won’t need another brush since the double ended eyeshadow brush offers a fluffy and a stiff brush for blending and applying the palette shades.


With the ability to easily blend with your skin tone this palette is a must have. Though there have been a few complaints by some.

The brush simplifies everything.


Nobody likes rushing out to the washroom now and then just to reapply your makeup.This palette is an all day wear makeup so you can catch up on your daily routine without reapplying.

The pigments are top quality and really amazing.


The palette contains plenty of shades which can work as neutral transitions for many skin tones. You have colors for a natural office day and shades for a more dramatic and evening outdoor look.

The shimmers are great too and add a bit of different textures that are really appreciated.

Overall Rating:

Long Wear

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Ease of Use

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Get your palette ready and try out these beginner friendly naked honey looks.


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Model wearing naked honey eyeshadow palette

This look is all about getting that beautiful gold color around your eyes.

  • How To Apply it

Start with the shade keeper and apply it gently onto your crease.

Prime your eyes with a concealer and set it beautifully with a translucent powder. Select the swarm shade from the palette and apply it higher towards your eyebrows.

Use the shorter end of the brush with the shade QUEEN and apply it perfectly to the outer corner of your eye.

Switch to the fluffy side of the double ended brush and use it to softly blend the edges of the QUEEN shade.

Pick up the Honey shade and apply it to the inner circle of your eyes. This will brighten up the look and add a spark of color to it.

You will notice that the outer corner of the eye is looking dim so we shall pick up the shade STING and apply it there. Flip the brush to the fluffy side and blend nicely.

To nail this naked honey look, apply the KEEPER shade to your lower lash line.Wet your brush and apply the shade Queen to your lower lash line.

This will add a pop of shimmer to the overall look beautifully. 

Finally line your lower waterline with the urban decay eyeliner ALKALINE. Pick up the shade flyby and highlight your inner corner. Add a little bit of that under the brow.

Sway in a bit of mascara and lashes and VOILA! you’re  done.


Youtuber applying naked honey palette eyeshadow

This one is damn pretty and really looks good as a holiday makeup and is a favorite among the naked honey looks.

  • How to Apply

Start out with shade keeper as the neutral transition. Pop it in the crease area and blend it perfectly with your skin.

Use the drip  shade to darken the crease area.Blend it in with the fluffy side of the brush nicely.

Next apply the shade STING with the shorter end of the brush to your lower lash line and a bit of that to your outer corner of your lids.

Dip your brush in with a bit of water or you can use FIX+ to give your look that aesthetic metallic look.

Now apply the shade GOLDEN to the inner and outer edges of your eyelids but leaving out the centre.

Add a bit of golden to the lower lashline too.

And now to bring in that pop use the shade HONEY and apply it across your upper lids, filling in from the centre. This will brighten up everything giving you a beautiful aesthetic look.

Sway in some of that HONEY to the centre of your lower lash line.

For the highlighter, go with the shade FLYBY and apply it  below your brow bones. Finish off with your favorite brown eyeliner by applying it onto your waterline.

A bit of mascara will do the finish perfectly. A neutral lipstick goes well with the look so give it a try and take a few snaps. 


The palette formula is outstanding and the yellow tones make it standout since there are a few such palettes out there.

We shared a few naked honey eyeshadow palette looks but there are plenty on youtube that you can mess around with and see what suits.

The number of neutral shades makes  this palette amazing and gives you limitless naked honey looks you can try.

There are a variety of looks you can do, share with us your favorite looks and ideas using this Urban decay naked honey eyeshadow palette.