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Fall Tones


Add a bit of cream to your makeup and let your beauty blossom.

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Daily Tip

eye makeup

Eye makeup before face makeup

A great tip is to always start your facial makeup before face makeup so as to save you from powder fallouts on your cheeks or under eye smears ruining your foundation requiring a redo.
So always startup by prepping your skin with primer or eye cream.

Weekly Tips

foundation tip

Focus on Glow rather than coverage

Always go for foundations that contain the label "luminous" so as to give your skin a radiant beautifull look.
Great looking skin is your biggest beauty asset so always aim for warm shade foundation.

makeup brushes

Use Makeup Brushes for Doing your Eyes

The area of the eyes is so small that using your fingers will not get you the best desired effects.
A brush is your best bet since it will enable you to be more precise.

eyebrow makeup tip

Never miss Doing your Brows

Brows are key to facial expression so always aim to do your brows as you do your makeup.
Keeping it simple and natural are the key to fine looking brows.