Remove Waterproof Mascara with Coconut Oil – Exclusive Benefits

Tugging all day but your waterproof mascara isn’t getting off well try a simpler technique to remove waterproof mascara with Coconut oil.

Waterproof makeup is one of those great makeup products that are essential if you’re a busy lady and require all-day eye makeup without reapplying between shifts.

There are many ways to remove waterproof mascara but using coconut oil stands out for me because of the added benefits that come with it.

preparing coconut oil

Reasons to Remove Waterproof Mascara with Coconut Oil

You may have tried other ways of removing your waterproof mascara but believe me when I say this is an easy everyday technique that you need to use.

I have been grateful for makeup wipes these past years as a go-to makeup remover solution but it has its disadvantages.

I ditched makeup wipes because of how harsh they were against my skin especially around my eyes and caused irritations.

I decided to remove waterproof mascara with coconut oil because of how gentle it is and have never regretted using them.

I still buy makeup wipes now and then though.

Why should you try coconut Oil?

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Healthy for your lashes
  • Convenient for everyday use
  • Softens the skin
  • Antibacterial properties

With a great tropical scent, I have always loved using coconut oil and you will find it recommended by many makeup artists and beauty doctors out there.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil

The benefits of using Coconut oil are the reasons some of us stick to its daily use and you should too.

With daily use of coconut oil you will expect the following:


Coconut Oil is known to nourish the skin, leaving it healthy and vibrant. This requires constant everyday use.

Removing wrinkles around your eye area and leaving you with clear skin is an advantage of using coconut oil over eye makeup removers that could damage your lashes.

This will not only improve your skin but also soften it.


Coconut oil contains healthy ingredients that are known to improve the overall health of your lashes dramatically.

Leaving your lashes looking dark and healthy. This is perhaps why I prefer to remove waterproof mascara with coconut oil.

After applying coconut oil, your lashes always get that aesthetic moisturized look and feel which helps in overall growth.


The simplicity of using Coconut oil is what makes it stand out. Using coconut oil will reduce your chances of getting bruises while removing your mascara.

Coconut oil is surprisingly eco-friendly to use and will also save you much waste lying around.

Have you ever realized how much waste you leave behind shopping for disposable cleaning cloths every time?

I got tired of having a bunch of disposable cloths lying around at the end of the week each and every time.


This is a minor benefit but HEY!! Who doesn’t love that additional beautiful scent? 

The tropical vacation scent that comes with the use of coconut oil is not only perfect but also pleasing in all kinds of ways.

So go ahead and try out coconut oil.


We all love products that are effective and won’t break the bank. Coconut oil is readily available and costs less than makeup removers which makes it the perfect alternative.

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Most people already have coconut oil lying around either in their washrooms or kitchens so re-using it as a makeup remover doesn’t require much.

DIY Steps To Prepare Coconut Oil to Remove Your Mascara

This is super easy and anyone can actually pull it out. First, you need to make sure you have some coconut oil.

You can always buy some or choose the harder option and make or prepare some from your kitchen.

Using the same coconut oil you use for cooking ain’t bad if you have no time to go shopping.

Having products that can be really useful lying still in your kitchen won’t help you, so if you have any coconut oil left in your kitchen, try using it.

First Step:

Begin by using small amounts of coconut oil and if the product is solid, try rubbing it with your fingers till it liquifies.

It should leave a form of coating onto your hands after liquefying.

 After finishing this move on to the next step and if the coconut oil still hasn’t liquefied give it some time and rub again it with your fingers.

Second Step:

With your eyelids closed, use your fingertips to apply the coconut oil onto your lashes gently without tugging and any harsh rubbings.

The mascara will eventually come off but if it persists try reapplying the coconut oil.

You can use your fingertips to gently work around any mascara on your bottom lashes to get a clean and neat look without much effort.

In case of any oil spilling into your eyes try to wash it out immediately.

No need to get scared because coconut oil is perfectly safe and will not damage your precious eyes.

Third Step:

Gently massage till all the product is gone completely.

Always have a wet cloth nearby so as to wipe off the remaining coconut oil around your brows and apply water to finish.

Try out repeatedly to remove waterproof mascara with coconut oil and if you’re having trouble which is rare, make sure to gently re-follow the steps.

The waterproof mascara should always come off without any struggle.

You should start feeling refreshed right away.



As mentioned before, Coconut oil is essential for your lashes and their overall growth so applying it is a double benefit.

If you’re someone trying to get away from all that use of chemicals and desire something eco-friendly, well coconut oil can easily replace your makeup remover.

DIY makeup routines are a big trend so having coconut oil sitting around in your kitchen or bathroom without putting it to good use won’t help.

Leave us with your thoughts on how to remove waterproof mascara with coconut oil and any suggestions or experience of using the product.