Sleek Makeup Blush – Simple Steps To Improve Your Makeup


Every glamorous woman or makeup artist knows the incredible powder that gives you a healthy and vibrant natural look.

If you haven’t used blush before then you must have seen it in your mother’s purse or in a commercial.

Well, what’s blush? do you really need it? and how best to use it? Let’s dive in and see what a sleek makeup blush really is?


The blush comes mostly in powder or cream form with a soft feel, described as a soft pigment, meant to give you a natural look and a healthy and vibrant complexion.

There are many ways of applying blush from buffing the product onto the apples of your cheeks to applying it higher on the cheeks and onto the bridge of the nose giving you that sun-kissed touch.

The more elegant way of applying blush is below the apples of your cheeks so it can blend in a give you a naturally beautiful finish.


The thing about blush is you can use it to recreate and fake that whole makeup look in case you are not in for wearing foundation or lipstick on a daily basis.

As the warm-toned eyeshadow frenzy and obsession is picking in, people have begun applying blush to double up as an eyeshadow, and well it looks incredibly perfect.

Whether it’s winter or spring, you can always apply a bit of blush to add a rosy glow and vibrant look to your face.


You have probably noticed that blush comes in only two forms which are:


These come in a variety of shades from matte to illuminating shades, all having different outcomes on the skin. It’s long-lasting and usually blended in with a brush to get a dramatic build and can be applied on foundation or bare skin.

Use a makeup primer first if you intend on applying blush on bare skin to enable it to stick and be long-lasting.


These are ideal for bare skin and are more long-lasting than the powder ones and don’t require a primer to be applied on skin first.

I recommend applying with your hands lightly as they are often too pigmented. They are ideal for winter and preferred by most because they are hydrating and don’t highlight dry skin.


Starting out I would recommend starting out with fewer amounts and working it perfectly and diffusing I with your hands or brush with light bristles and blend it into your skin.

  1. Dense bristles will lay too much of the product and it will become difficult for you to diffuse it.
  2. If you have never applied blush before it may seem strange and a bit weird but relax and take a breath.

Start with the important parts of the cheek working it down to your temple and blending it towards your nose. Finish up by adding a bit of blush to the forehead so it’s all even across and having a beautiful look.


Start out applying a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks and then using a brush blending it towards your earlobe and temple.

 It’s best to use a foundation brush for the effect


Start out from the cheekbone with light strokes towards your earlobe towards the temple. Blend it towards your temple and add a bit above the temple too for a balanced effect and feel.


Start out with light motions applying across your cheekbone starting at the lower end and then moving a bit upwards. Blend it perfectly from your eyebrows down to your nose beautifully with a soft touch.


Start out by applying in a “C” shape from the top of your temple moving upwards. Try keeping it simple and don’t go overboard.


Blush can inject that beautiful fresh natural look into your skin so finding a perfect blush for your skin tone is essential for getting a perfect look, healthy and vibrant skin.

Check my favorite top Blushers out there for a beautiful makeover.

  • Orgasm by NARS
  • Baby Cheeks Blush Stick by Westman Atelier
  • Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush by Maybelline
  • California Blush by Benefit Cosmetics

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  • Hello there! This is an interesting post. As a guy, I don't really know too much about make-up. In your picture, I have seen brushes like that before but that is pretty much it. Reading through your post, I was definitely able to learn more about these brushes. I had no idea it was that simple to apply yet it creates this effect that it did take "a lot of effort". Thanks for this short piece of education.

    • I always loved this makeup statement that states "makeup has no gender ".You can make up regardless of your gender. I am happy you loved the post though.

  • I will have to show my daughter this post since uses blush though I'm not sure what kind. She is big into cosplay and is always messing around with makeup. Do any of these offer any protection from the sun or work with sunscreen like supergoop? My wife works with skin cancer patients and she tries to buy my daughter something with SPF. Thanks again for the post.

    • Some offer protection from the sun like Ilia skin tint SPF serum which is great with many skin types too. 

  • I think I will become your website loyal follower, as today I discover all the potential the sleek makeup blush has and what it can do for anyone who is looking to look ready and pretty in a second. After reading your article I learned more about how to get my makeup done and look great all day long, I didn't know that some blush and some mascare will help me to look better :) I will give it a try!

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