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You have probably seen a couple of people with sun-kissed skins and having an enhanced tanned look, well all that is bronzer doing the trick.
You probably have never used bronzer, don’t know how to apply it, probably have never seen it too, and may have questions like “where do you apply Bronzer?”, but let’s dive in and dig out that bronzer.


I got to know bronzer in high school after noticing my fellow girls were having orange and shimmering faces that looked warm and beautiful

I got myself some and being an amateur applying it didn’t give me the look I desired, all I got was an orange messed up face makeup.

After failure, I did what everyone would do, GOOGLE, and I got a few tips and worked it out and perfected it but you will be the judge of that.

The purpose of applying a bronzer is to get a warm healthy vibrant skin look and feel but if you’re aiming for a fake tan then you will go in circles and get a brightly colored orange face.
Most people confuse a bronzer with a contour, but a contour is just a makeup technique of applying makeup across your face which involves applying slightly darker and lighter makeup in different parts of the face. That said, let’s now get to the actual make yourself a pro thing with bronzer.


We are gonna be focusing on getting that vibrant and healthy skin look not the fake tan look. The world of bronzers involves shades and textures so choosing the right shade and texture for your skin will do the trick for you.

Bronzers come in cream and powder form but I prefer the powder form though it basically depends on your preference and makeup taste. I am going to presume you have already chosen your shade or already know which one to use for your skin tone.


 Bronzer is applied after you are done applying and messing around with concealers and foundations. Apply it before blush though.

  • Pick a brush with soft bristles because this makes it easy and gives you control of how much product you use and the placement of the product perfectly. Do not choose a stiff brush cause you will end up with blotches on your skin.
  • You can use foundation or blush makeup brushes, these too can work out perfectly though getting a genuine brush from the market or online store is recommended.
  • Hydrating your skin before any makeup is good practice, so first get your skin hydrated with an SPF moisturizer so as to protect your skin from UV sun rays.
  • Circulate the brush into the bronzer and make sure the brush picks a little amount of the product and apply it gently across your forehead down to your cheekbones while observing on a mirror.

Get to an area in your room with enough light or sunlight so you can observe parts that you may have missed across your face.

  • Apply the bronzer in a ‘3’ like formation across your face and passing it across your hairline downwards in swirling circles, basically, just imagine your drawing or painting the number ‘3’ on your face in a sweeping motion.
  • Make a ‘fish-like face’ so it becomes easy to apply to your cheekbones and your temples. Determine the places where the sun hits your face and apply the bronzer in such places.


  • Running the brush across your jawline will define it and give you a sculpted look. With light circular strokes blend it in beautifully so as to get that pretty nice natural look.
  • Run your brush across your nose from the nose bridge down to your chin tips, these a crucial parts where the sunlight hits. Fade it in with more blending and apply a bit of bronzer across your neck too for a uniform natural healthy look.
  • Pull out your phone for the last step and snap us your before and after pictures.


  • Don’t use too much bronzer as this will create a heavy orange look on your face
  • Don’t apply in a dark or dim room with low lighting
  • Don’t overdo it, just apply lightly and checkout in the mirror


There are many bronzer types available on the market, so we decided to choose our top bronzers that stood out. The products have been tested by our editors before the reviews and will surely give you a natural glow.


  • Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Cream

This powder provides a nice soothing effect and unmatched glow to your beauty.

  • E.l.f Primer Infused Bronzer

This one lasts all day and best of all it’s pretty cheap with good quality. You get more than you paid for.

  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

 Great smell and can easily blend well into your skin for perfect looks. It comes in plenty of versatile colors for every taste and preference.

  • Lawless Summer Skin Velvet Matte Bronzer

We all know how having dry skin is frustrating, so with this bronzer, you will appreciate everything if you have dry skin.

  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Bronzer

Having oily skin, well this is your go-to bronzer. Formulated with collagen your skin with remain moisturized without any greasiness.


Ever wondered why J.L.O(Jeniffer Lopez) has a young healthy look for her age, well wonder no further, her secret and best beauty product is a bronzer. Bronzer benefits are limitless so go out there looking sunkissed with a vibrant glow.

Head to our Tutorials tab and view video step-by-step tutorials.


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  • Thanks for sharing this guide on how to properly apply bronzer. It is important to know that a little goes a long way with bronzer and the appropriate areas on your face to apply bronzer. One too many times have a seen it applied pretty much all over the face, which causes the applicant's face to be orange compared to their neck and the rest of their body being a totally different color. 

  • I appreciated this detailed how-to guide and the picture was a helpful throwback to my old "color-by-number" days. I will easily be able to remember where to apply bronzer by recalling this picture. I also personally use the e.l.f. bronzer brand and really enjoy it as a great value and quality.

  • Wow! That picture of exactly where to apply the bronzer really helps. Makeup can be a little confusing because there are so many different products and you don't want to end up looking like a clown lol. I remember when I was in high school over 20 years ago there were a lot of foundation and bronzing "failures." People chose colors that were too dark or too light and didn't blend well. With all of your tips, anyone can use bronzer to get a perfect glow!

    • Get the right bronzer shade is really critical because the wrong ones won't turn out well while applying.

  • This is a great article. I choose not to use bronzer because I simply do not know how. Thanks to your very useful and easy to follow article, I feel that I can give it a try. I do want to achieve the sun-kissed look with a vibrant glow. The instructions and the picture make is look not that hard. Thank you for sharing.

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